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Conex Bronze Fittings Bronze pipe fittings

Welcome to Conex Bronze Fittings - manufacturers of Bronze Castings, Bronze Fittings and Bronze Parts

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We are a leading Bronze, Copper and Brass casting foundry with factory in Jamnagar Gujarat in India. We specialize in casting Bronze alloys, Copper alloys and non-ferrous parts. Our foundry offers Bronze Fittings, CNC machined components, Threaded Bronze Fittings, Bronze Sand Castings, Copper Castings etc. Our Non-ferrous foundry in Jamnagar can produce Die Casting, Sand Casting, Centrifugal Casting, Stainless Steel Investment Casting, Brass Fittings, Brass Parts, Bronze Parts, Turned Parts, Machined Castings, Pipe Fittings, Aluminium Bronze Casting etc.

We manufacture a wide range of parts including :

  • Bronze Nipples Bronze Bushes
  • Gunmetal Bushings
  • Bronze Fittings
  • Gunmetal Castings
  • Aluminum Bronze Casting Fittings
  • Leaded Bronze Casting
  • Copper Cast parts
  • Machined Bronze Castings
  • Gunmetal Fittings
  • Bronze Pipe Fittings
  • Bronze Parts
  • Bronze Machined Components 

The manufactured parts are exported to more than 30 countries of the world including highly quality conscious markets like USA, UK, Germany, Australia and Canada. We are an ISO 9001:2015 company and have strict quality control regimen. We specialize in LG2 Gunmetal Bronze Alloy C83600 Leaded Red Brass, SAE 40 (CDA 836).

Our state of the art facility manufacturing Gunmetal Fittings, Earth Clamps, Grounding Pipe Clamps, Bronze Electrical Connectors, Copper Lay in Lugs, Bronze Pipe Clamps, Copper Casting Foundry, Bronze Ingots, Bronze Billets, Phosphorus Bronze Casting, P.B. Fittings, Non Ferrous Casting Foundry, Brass Castings, Tin Bronze Casting, Sand Casting Alloys, Copper Sand Casting, Bronze Sand Casting, Brass Sand casting, Centrifugal Castings is ISO 9001:2015 approved. We are also RoHS compliant where needed. We offer die casting, sand casting, centrifugal casting, dry sand casting, centrifugal casting, shell molding etc.

We have huge experience in casting various Copper alloys/ Bronze Alloys/Non-ferrous alloy mixes and can offer almost every variety with high quality casting and CNC machining.